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Learn about Swim Time and how it can help you time swims

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Swimming Timer Tutorial

Try a practice run, before attempting a live session.

Create A New Set

Swim Set

Example Set: 20 x 50m on 1:00


Distance is how far your athletes will swim one repeate on. In the example it is 50 meters, not 2000 meters.

Repeat On

Repeat On, is what time your athletes are repeating the distance on. In the example, athletes may finish at 45 seconds, but will leave every minute.

Number Of Repeats

Number Of Repeats is how many times the athletes will repeat the set. In the example an athlete would do 20 repeats. If an athlete stops early, the next swimmer will take their place.

Timing Swimmers

Timing Swimmers

To finish a swimmer tap on the appropriate orange box. The boxes are for demonstration only.

To access the Swimmers Menu tap on a swimmer.

To get a menu when swimmers are resting at the wall swipe up.

Display initials tap "display names".

Automatic Finish

If you do not finish a swimmer, the app will finish the swimmer before the time runs out for the repeat for the swimmer. It will not finish a swimmer if the "Current Lap Timer" has reset to zero.

Swimmer Menu

Data present in the menu when closing is automatically saved.

Stroke Rate

Stroke Rate (SR) is measured as a single arm making one full cycle. Time off of either arm, but only tap when that arm enters the water.

SR updates every time you hit the black "stroke button". If you tap the button once, then wait for a minuite then quickly tap 3 times, SR will read as 4 strokes per minuite. It will average how many times you push the button.

Name Assignment

Assign a name to a swimmer, and their initials will appear next to them when you tap "Display Names".

Adding the same swimmers name to another swimmer may result in confusion. The App will prevent saving multiples of the same swimmer in the final heart rate scene.

The app currently does not support swimmers passing one another.

Stop Early

If a swimmer stops early, the next swimmer will try to take their place. If the next swimmer is resting on the wall, they will take their place. If they are still swimming and miss their turn, they will leave on the normally scheduled time.

It is not recommended to start a swimmer again if they stop early.

Heart Rate

It is recommended to add HR to swimmers when they are on the wall. Swipe up to accesss the wall scene.

To take heart rate (HR), swimmers take their pulse for 6 seconds, then multiply by 10, and shout it out to you.

It is not possible to take swimmers HR while they are swimming with a device.

At the wall

Swipe up to access this screen

Selecting Swimmers

Tap any lane in the "Lane Selector" to swap between lanes. Tap on a swimmer in the lane to switch swimmers.

Tap any swimmer on the left to select a swimmer.

When switching between swimmers, data is automatically saved

When going back to the swimming scene, data is automatically saved


Data present in the menu when closing is automatically saved.

Tap Assign Swimmer, to change swimmers name.

Tap Heart Rate, to enter a heart rate.

tap "Stop Swimmer Early" to prevent a swimmer from leaving again.

Launch Timer

Gives an indication of when the next swimmer will leave the wall.

Time Finished

This is the actual time the swimmer finished. No more 35 seconds minus five, ten, fifteen... The app has already subtracted the difference between the first person and swimmer who you just finished.

After the Set

Perceived Effort

Athletes can let you know how tough the set was on a scale of 0.5-5, with 5 being the toughest.

Last Chance

This is the last chance for athletes to shout out their Heart Rates.

This is the last chance for you to make sure you have the athletes assigned to the correct positions.

Warning Messages

Missing Swimmers

If you have not filled in a swimmers name, or saved it as "Assign Name", an alert will popup prompting you to erase the swimmers, or go back and fill them out.

If you are missing swimmers tap the + icon in the top right corner and you will be able to enter new swimmers.

Duplicate Swimmers

If you have assigned the same swimmer to more than one location, the app will not allow you to proceede until you change one of the swimmers names

Available Now

Launch party pricing until December 25, 2014 40% off